Taymec Breeze
Floormec scrubber dryers

Mobile, back pack spraying unit

A mobile back-pack unit, that quickly dispenses sanitiser chemical - which can help fight virus cells, in hard-to-reach areas. Safe, easy and quick to use in all environments.

Ideal for schools, hospitals, food areas, industrial settings, and even cars & fleet vehicles. Helping you fight back against germs and viruses, like Covid-19


Specification 'The Breeze'
Water flow 65 ml/min
Solution tank 2 litres
Battery life 6 hours per charge
Weight (when full) 7 kg
Floormec scrubber dryers made in the UK Floormec scrubber dryers made in the UK

1. Comfortable and easy to use

The Breeze weighs approximately 7kg when full, so is comfortable to wear in all environments. Simply connect the battery pack, turn on using the accessible hand switch, then pull the handle trigger to spray a fine mist that covers hard-to-reach surfaces..

Taymec Breeze

2. Quick to dispense sanitising chemical

The Breeze dispenses sanitising chemical quickly to help fight agaisnt germs and viruses, such as Covid-19.

Taymec Breeze

3. Suitable for a all environments

The Breeze is suitable for all environments, including: schools, hospitals, food areas, industrial settings, as well as interior and exterior areas.

Taymec Breeze

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