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Nilfisk MH5M-200/1000 DE

Nilfisk MH5M-200/1000 DE

MH PE/DE is a comprehensive range of petrol and diesel powered hot water models for professional use in areas where electrical source is not available. Models can also typically draw water from tanks, wells or rivers giving a high level of use autonomy. MH PE/DE are thus ideal solutions for hot water cleaning in construction and industrial segments, or by contract cleaners or public authorities.

MH PE/DE exists in both mobile or trailer-mountable units and offer high efficiency, low cleaning costs and ease of use. A wide range of pump versions exist - either with direct drive or with belt drive of the pumps. All machines offer efficient and low cost water heating with the EcoPower boiler system.
  • Type: Hot water
  • Power supply: Diesel
  • Boiler: Mains Diesel
  • Pressure: 200 bar
  • Waterflow: 15 litres per min'

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