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Duplex Jet Steam Ulitma Medical

Duplex Jet Steam Ulitma Medical

The Jet Vac Ultima Medical Spec Vacuumated Steam Cleaner has been developed in conjunction with major healthcare users to produce a machine which meets the needs of this highly demanding sector. Like every machine in our range the Jet Vac Ultima Medical Spec Vacuumated Steam Cleaner is built using only the highest quality components and processes. We have extensive experience in supplying powerful, durable and reliable cleaning machines for healthcare environments. Ideal for the hospital, clinic, care home, veterinary and dental sectors this machine produces steam at 8 bar and up to temperatures of 180 degrees by super-heating water to produce dry steam vapour which contains only about 5% water.

This means that facilities to be cleaned can be cleaned and sanitised in a short space of time without the need for excessive amounts of water. This has the added advantage of leaving surfaces quickly dry and ready for use. The Jet Vac Ultima Medical Spec’s continous flow facility allows automatic refilling and non stop operation which is taken a step further by managing internal boiler refills very precisely with a patented electro-mechanical innovation. This results in a machine which avoids large variations in pressure and temperature during use. To further aid infection control this model has a variable speed vacuum using both water and Hepa filtration.
  • Pressure: 6 bar
  • Steam flow: 82 (g/min)
  • Steam temperature: 180°C
  • Vacuum: Yes

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