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Numatic CT570

The 570 series has become the most popular contractors’ extraction cleaner by choice... and this is not by chance, but by design.

The full Structofoam construction is designed to take the bangs and bruises that any machine will suffer in true commercial use because that’s what you need - a machine that’s construction is beyond reproach and will give you years of reliable service.
  • Vacuum power: 1060 watts
  • Pump pressure: 29 psi
  • Heated: No
  • Solution tank capacity: 10 litres

The Structofoam 570 is available in both one and two-motored models built to the full TwinFlo’ specification and incorporating our Powerflo’ pump and quick connect liquid system.

The containers are also full Structofoam incorporating our unique “tank within a tank” system to maintain a compact and usable size. The full accessory kit provides for both carpet and upholstery cleaning with optional additional accessories for hard floor, wet or dry pick-up facilities.
  • Compact & Convenient - Wet, spray extraction for carpets, upholstery and valeting.
  • Built to Last - Heavy-duty Structofoam construction to endure years of industrial use.
  • Handy Cable Replacement - Nucable system for quick and easy changing of cable.
  • Professional & Efficient - Long-life TwinFlo bypass motor and Powerflo’ pump system.
  • Ready for Anything - Easy to store and always on hand, ready for anything.

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