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Servicing & Care

We specialise in cleaning systems maintenance, repair and P.A.T. testing services to suit you and your business needs. Servicing your machine regularly not only ensures safe operation but a machine that is working at its optimum, allowing staff to complete their duties efficiently.

Servicing and repairs can take place at your premises or at our workshop in Pontypridd. We carry a comprehensive spares stock for most makes of machines in our workshop and our service vehicles are stocked with common service parts for you machine to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum.

We offer non-contractual service schedules and PAT testing, where we automatically contact you to when it is due to arrange a visit from one of our local, experienced, qualified engineers.

If you require any further information regarding servicing or breakdown repairs please contact us and we will be happy to discuss and advise on any issues you may have.

We'll phone you to confirm
the location and time slot.

Our 10-step process

To ensure all parts of your machines are in correct working order, we have our own unique 10-step process to machine servicing:

1. Battery level check

2. Brush and pad standard check

3. Squeegee and rubber standard check

4. Vacuum motor test

5. PAT Test

6. Wheel, castor and bearing check

7. Electrical component and cable, check and replacement

8. Mechanical systems check

9. Hoses and pipes check

10. Panel and chassis standard check

Portable appliance testing and advice for ongoing service support is available. It can be set up for 6 monthly or 12 monthly intervals and an equipment testing record is provided and a copy held for you.
We stock a large range of machine spare parts and consumables, for all types of machines, makes and models. To view our range of spare parts and consumables click here.
We stock a large range of squeegee blades and rubber parts, suitable for all scrubber dryer makes and models. We also have rubber manufacturing capabilites for bespoke parts and requirements. Full advice is available regarding the best squeegee blades for your machines, floor types and other requirements. Contact us to speak to one of our team, or click here to read more.
We stock a large range of floor pads and brushes, suitable for all types of cleaning. For various machine types, makes, speeds, flooring types and finishes. To view all of our cleaning machine brushes and pads click here.

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