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Machine & Safety training

Basic machine training for your team can drastically improve the productivity, comfort and efficiency of your fleet, whilst reducing the element of human health and safety risk.

For 25 years, we have installed all types of commercial cleaning machines into institutions ranging from large manufacturing plants, schools, hospitals and even rugby clubs, helping individuals and organisations get the most out of their machines. It all begins with an appropriate training session for the installation and machine type. We take into account your environment, floor type, team size and other factors, such as hazardous material cleaning. The priority is operator and other people's safety, but also how to use the machine in an efficient, cost effective manner.

We understand the importance of training on all types of machines, and so have our own dedicated training facility at our headquarters in Pontypridd, South Wales. Bringing your operating team out on site can be a valuable way to help them understand the importance of machine training, with full guidance from our experienced team, who have over 25 years in the cleaning machine industry.

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