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Comac C130

The C130 is a powerful ride-on scrubbing machine, designed for cleaning large spaces in environments such as airports, railway stations, car parks, logistics centers and warehouses, as well as in industrial facilities and shopping centers.

The functional design of the structure and its sturdy materials ensure reliability over time. It can be provided in battery powered version (BS), Diesel or in the new Bi-Fuel version, gasoline-LPG.
  • Productivity: 7800 sq.m/hr
  • Solution tank capacity: 300 litres
  • Working width: 1300 mm

It is equipped with a brush head made of 4 disc brushes, which pressure can be increased up to 180 Kg, and a cylindrical central brush, self-adjusting, that collects small solid debris into a debris hopper. The combined scrubbing and sweeping system ensures higher quality cleaning, because it is uniform for the entire 130 cm working width. The scrubbing brush head can extends out to the right, to reach the dirt that settles up against walls or underneath shelving.

All of the power of the C130 is concentrated in a 7” full-colour touch screen display, making it easy and intuitive to use. Through the touch screen display the operator can activate one of the available cleaning programs: ECO, for maintenance cleaning, STANDARD for moderately dirty surfaces and PLUS, to remove resistant and stubborn dirt.
  • Full width (mm)1480

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