Floormec scrubber dryers

Commander 26 and 32

Built to keep going, so your business can too…

‘The Commander’ is the Floormec flagship range of scrubber dryer machines. Engineered in the U.K. by industrial cleaning professionals, The Commander range is constructed with stainless steel, ensuring durability and easy maintenance. With its intelligent controller system and high-output battery setup, The Commander promotes the highest quality cleaning level and prolonged heavy-duty use.


Specification 26" 32"
Productivity (sq.m/hr) 3000 3600
Solution tank (litres) 100 100
Recovery tank (litres) 105 105
Working width (mm) 650 810
Weight 230 255
Brush speed (rpm) 200 200


- Heavy-duty chassis and drive train
- Stainless steel construction
- Intelligent controller system (Switches brushes and water off automatically)
- Solid state electronics
- Heavy scrub for stubborn soiling
- Installation with full training, and includes starter kit
Floormec scrubber dryers made in the UK Floormec scrubber dryers made in the UK
South Wales cleaning machines

Food processing & Hospitals

Food-grade rubber components and stainless steel construction ensure minimal bacteria is carried by the machine, making it the most appropriate scrubber dryer in its class for food processing facilities and hospitals.
Cleaning machine servicing

Manufacturing & Warehousing

3-stage vacuum, long battery life and intelligent controller system ensures a powerful and durable machine, even in the most demanding environments.
Retail and Sports facilites

Retail & Sports Facilities

Manoueverable and versitile, with its variable brush height and pressure control, means it is ideal for busy retail premises and sports facilites.

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